Career Transition to Self Employment – Rob Munro

IMG_0991RGBy chance, I met Paul at a Manchester Business School Alumni networking event and I’m really pleased that I did.  We know that sometimes help is needed, but we don’t know what, where and how that help can come about – but be open and take the step.  

Since our first meeting a year a ago we have covered a lot of ground; firstly dealing with the fallout from a bad career situation to creating a tangible business plan leading to launch of my own business as a self-employed consultant. I can tell you, this is not an easy transition, but Paul helped me through the business planning process to craft my business that builds on my deep interests, qualifications and experience. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Paul.  I like his easy-to-work-with style, knowledge of coaching theory and practice and I have come to know that he has a genuine interest in helping me reach my full potential.”