1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching can be delivered face to face, by telephone – skype available, video link, email or instant messaging. It is preferable that the first session is face to face.
Coaching should take place in safe, confidential environment free from potential interuption. I conduct face to face coaching at my offices in Harrogate; neutral, mutually convenient venues such as the IOD offfices or in special cases at the client’s offices.

 First 100 Days

In the last two years I have worked with a number of senior executives who have experienced severe challenges during the first three months of a new appointment. Being naturally curious, I dug into this and discovered that up to 50% of all senior appointment fail in the first year.


When I first contacted you I was probably in a position where I could sense the world was changing around me and I was probably too involved in day to day activities to view objectively what those changes meant, how to evaluate them and how to address the uneasy feeling that what had previously worked for me wasn’t working now.