Brian Mullan , MBA Factory Manager- RSA

Brian Mullan

After completing my MBA I was given a placement with my company in RSA a move from the UK. Once there I was quickly headhunted for a permanent role there by a rival company for a more Senior role.  Paul’s support allowed me to take full advantage of the opportunity given in 3 logical steps.

Step 1 :

After intense  coaching from Paul I went successfully through 5  interview stages and was offered the new role .

Step 2 :

Paul helped me through the important decision process that I then had to make on whether I should move or not with the full  long term and short career implications . He also taught me how to work with the recruitment consultants in negotiation.

Step 3 :

The third stage of Paul’s support was in creating my exit strategy from my current employer . This allowed me to maintain a level of professionalism and reputation within the industry.

Paul’s guidance allowed me to really take control of my career and I will definitely seek his support in the future .

Brian Mullan , MBA, Factory Manager- RSA