Coaching The Entrepreneur

I thought it timely to let you know how I am getting on and how your executive coaching has specifically helped me.

When I first contacted you I was probably in a position where I could sense the world was changing around me and I was probably too involved in day to day activities to view objectively what those changes meant, how to evaluate them and how to address the uneasy feeling that what had previously worked for me wasn’t working now. The instinctive response is to work harder, which may make oneself feel better, but doesn’t actually change anything, because the adjustment that is needed is how to view the world and oneself in it in a current and up to date context.

Your watchwords were that results are the consequence of identifying potential in oneself and the world of work, minimise interference and remove pre-conceptions that build up in all of us over time.

That platform and the quietly authoritative coaching you gave me to address and assess my situation for myself were the two ingredients of my discovering and assessing my relevant potential in an up to date context.