Psychometric Assessment

TMP: I am Accredited to facilitate the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile; an extensively researched and BPS-certified psychometric tool which can be used with individual team members, managers and leaders, but is at its most powerful when used to build and sustain high energy teams. The Team Management Profile looks at where your motivation lies, how you can best contribute to team success, and how you are likely to lead, manage and link with others who may have different perspectives on the world of work. When applied at a team level, is can easily identify strengths & potential; as well as offering strategies for providing a more-balanced, high performing team.


LSPI am Accredited to facilitate the Margerison-McCann Linking Skills Profile. The Linking Skills Profile is a carefully researched multi-rater (360-degree) tool that clearly identifies an individual’s performance in fundamental people, task and leadership-related skills. It explores the extent to which that individual should (and does) demonstrate the key behaviours for each skill. The Linking Skills Profile is most often applied in coaching and mentoring programmes, managing difference & diversity, performance management, leadership development and conflict resolution. It offers a useful reality check about what skills/behaviours people think are most critical, and contains extensive and easy to understand 360 degree feedback, with a good balance of numerical and narrative information.