Your First 100 days

In the last two years I have worked with a number of senior executives who have experienced severe challenges during the first three months of a new appointment. Being naturally curious, I dug into this and discovered that up to 50% of all senior appointment fail in the first year. That is incredibly expensive both emotionally and financially for both the company and the individual involved. This is all about setting you up for success in the latest incarnation of your career. The content is driven by you, but I share my research with you to give you additional insights into the opportunity and challenge ahead.

Although this program is designed for individuals it can be modified to help companies develop best practice and maximise the success of new appointments.

I continue to research this.

The program includes:

  • Knowing your self – strengths and weaknesses
  • The leadership mindset – a leader from the start
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Creating your first 100 day plan
  • Your on boarding plan
  • Building Rapport with key players
  • Reflecting on your Progress (continuous feedback and learning)
  • The Research Phase
  • Your Internal Network
  • Building your plan
  • Sharpening the Saw – replenishing your batteries
  • Implementing the Change
  • Quick Wins
  • Building the Team (and changing the Team)
  • Your Personal development Plan
  • BAU
  • Life work balance