Job Search Strategy: Effective Outplacement

In these economically and technologically turbulent times, many of us can find ourselves feeling out of place or worse still out of work. This happened to me in 2003, to a number of people I have worked with during the “Great Recession of 2007 – 2013” and is still happening today despite the headlines, as businesses adapt to the new economic landscape. More than anything this sudden change impacts on the self worth. It can have serious impacts on your income, lifestyle and health. You will be Working with someone who understands what you are going through whilst holding you to account for your agreed actions. Everyone is an individual and consequently each program is bespoke. However there is commonality in the challenge of finding new fulfilling work .


The programme is designed to help you…

  • Understanding you and your body’s reaction to the Sudden change
  • Restore  your resilience
  • Your Personal Business Plan
  • Maintaining your health – the mind – body connection
  • Create Your New Career Vision
  • Your 17 Second CV / Resume
  • Create a compelling value proposition to a new employer
  • Case studies to demonstrate your capabilities and expertise (not all successful; failure is often a more effective teacher)
  • Being clear about your reason for leaving
  • Build your Personal Brand
  • Your Job Search Strategy
  • Unleashing your Networks and the power of Networking
  • Your Cover Letters
  • Interview preparation and rehearsal
  • Monitoring and reviewing your performance
  • Harnessing Rejection and feedback 

Delivered as a monthly face to face meeting and biweekly 30 minutes progress calls (via skype or telephone) usually at the beginning and the end of the week.

The monthly coaching sessions are 1:1 carried out either face to face or through the best multi media option.The Sessions kick off with a chemistry meeting at the end of which, if you are not satisfied, I will refund your money. The sessions include a psychometric assessment that is most tailored to career development needs – see psychometric assessment offered by Paul Haslam

The programme is:

  • Meeting 1 (week 1): 1 hour chemistry and agenda setting
  • Meeting 2 (week 1/2): 1:1 job search coaching (90 minutes)
  • Meeting 3(week2/3): psychometric assessment feedback (90 minutes)
  • Meeting 4 (week 5):  1:1 job search coaching (90 minutes)
  • Meeting 5 (week 9): 1:1 job search coaching (90 minutes)
  • Meeting 6 (week 12): 1:1 job search coaching Review (90 minutes)
  • Each week there is a 30 minute call at the start of the week to review the plan for the week ahead.
  • Each week there is a 30 minute call at the close of the week to review the feedback from the week and to outline the plan for the next week.
  • There is reasonable phone and email contact in between.

This course has limited availability.

The Cost of this 12 week course including materials is £4500 +VAT

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There is a corporate version of this course available but again tailored to the organisation’s needs. Delivered as four half day workshops over 2-4 weeks and including 3 hours  individual face to face 1:1 coaching. Please contact me for detail (insert link)