MBA Mentor

I designed this product in response to being asked to participate in Manchester Business School’s Gold Mentoring program some 10 years ago. In 2003 the business school asked if past graduates (I was in what is voguishly called the class of 1991) would be prepared to mentor the current intake of students to help them successfully navigate the course and get the best out of their time at the School.

Seeing the student’s flourish with a little guidance encouraged me to get more involved with coaching. Eventually in 2006 I took the plunge and went on a full blown course with some of the finest coaches in the UK at the time (link to a blog post).

The skills I acquired on that course and the experience of working with more than 100 students over the past few years led me to develop a program not only to help survive but also to get much more than a qualification from the MBA and propel them towards their dream job and balanced, successful life.

Clearly not all models work for everybody and choices are provided within the program. What works for some will not necessarily work for all! I suggest that people try things, but if they don’t work let me know and we can find different route to the result.   Equally not everyone has the same challenges.

I worked with one student who was clear on his ideal job and, in fact, had it; but who was worried about getting the best education for his children whilst he pursued his dream job. He could not see how both were achievable.

Another student said to me within minutes of meeting that he wanted to work for Google. Today he has been at Google for 5 years.


The program includes but not exclusively as demonstrated by the example above:

  • Deciding “What is my dream job?”
  • Goal setting including Career and Personal development goals
  • Understanding your Values; what drives your behavior
  • Mind Body Connection (keeping you mind and body fit for the task at hand)
  • Managing your mood.
  • Margerisson McCann Team Management Profile psychometric assessment
  • The 17 Second CV / Resume
  • Crafting your personal brand
  • Becoming a Subject Matter Expert (a different meaning for the well known SME acronym)
  • Networks and Networking
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Write great and effective Cover Letters
  • Preparation for interview
  • Managing Stress: understand how it can impact on your behavior
  • Time Management
  • Dealing with criticism and failure

The coaching is flexible and is bespoke for each person being tailored to your needs and the initial chemistry meeting (link to chemistry meetings)

This course of coaching is ideally designed to be carried out just prior to starting out on the MBA and consists of four 2- 3 hour face to face coaching sessions over a month – six weeks. It does generate homework. It also includes email and phone access during the period of your MBA of up to six hours.

The total cost is £1700+VAT

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There is an online workshop based series of seminars available for this course. This is priced at £300 and starts in April.

Workshop 1: Reviewing my Assets

Workshop 2: CV / Resume

Workshop 3: Job Search Strategy

Workshop 4: Networking

Workshop 5: Feedback and Review

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Access to additional coaching during your MBA program is set at £50 per month subscription (assumes minimum 12 months)

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To sign up for coaching  (without the workshops) during MBA program £100 per month subscription. Please click here.